Our SurfPrep foam abrasives not only get the job done well but also keep your hand comfortable while sanding! Make it easy for yourself and go with SurfPrep!

Foam abrasives are ideal for a multitude of applications and have greater efficiency, speed and effectiveness when compared to traditional sandpaper sheets. With today’s technology in abrasive grains, flexible adhesives, foam densities and thicknesses…SurfPrep foam abrasives are the ultimate alternative to conventional sandpaper. With regular sandpaper, abrasive grain is coated directly onto the backing (paper, cloth/polyester or film). When coated onto one of these backings the grain is not able to flex/recess into the backing, causing the grain to re-fracture and wear away prematurely. Coating grain directly onto a solid substrate causes heat build up on the surface of the part being sanded. This excessive heat causes the coating being sanded to gum up (load or pill) and transfer to the abrasive, decreasing its life. Dixon’s entire offering of SurfPrep foam abrasives are manufactured with premium abrasive grains and flexible adhesives that are coated directly onto the surface of the foam. Our unique method of coating, in addition to the use of “solvent free” adhesives, is a contributing reason for the elimination of heat build up at the point of contact and extends the life of Dixon’s foam abrasives as much as 10X and more over conventional sandpaper. The magic of SurfPrep happens when a user puts our abrasive on a tool. SurfPrep has done what no other product has done before, tool sanding in the place of hand sanding. The flexibility of the foam in conjunction with the perfect orbit of our sander allows for a flawless finish. SurfPrep foam abrasives are available in vast range of sizes, grits, densities and can be used with air or electric tools on a large variety of surfaces/applications.

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