We are super excited to be moving our whole operation to Mansfield, OH where everything will be under one roof so we can serve you better.

Come visit us at:
361 West Longview Ave, Mansfield, OH 44903

Welcome to Timberlane Finish Solutions

Wood Finishing, sanding, spray systems and supplies for your shop

delivery to your shop

You just let us know what you need or schedule regular deliveries of you most used products and we’ll take care of the rest. Call us at (419) 465-8255 to get started today.

Get expert help

We can design a sanding and finishing system for you that will work every time. Whether it’s a big belt sander system, hand-held sanders, or finishing systems we can help you set up the perfect system.

Become More Productive

Are products are made for production. More production for you means faster turn-around, happier customers and more money in the bank.

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Latest Reviews

Fast shipping

Very responsive company. Quick shipping. Nice website. Great products. What more could you ask for?

Tom Bernardson
Next level refinishing

Tritech spray tip

I wanted to try the Tritech spray tips for a long time and it really made a difference, they are really good and best of all the shipping was really fast, I will order more soon.

Vanderlei Ferreira
Vf painting

Products and Sevice

The products are amazing and answer the phone every time we call!

Dominick Daltorio
P & D Power Washing and Painting LLC