Learning Curve On Waterbase Finishes Bogging You Down?

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Three Questions About Renner Waterbase Products We Get All the Time

We, here at Timberlane, love Renner products (check them out here) and we often get asked questions about how we spray it, and why we love it so much. I’ll try to answer some of your questions based on our professional experience with the products. We have a finish shop too and use these products every day so we have plenty of experience with them.

Does it spray well?

Waterbase finish sprays very well using the same sprayers used with conversion varnish and precat laquers. The Apollo HVLP systems are our favorites. If the surface of the sprayed product is not leveling out or flowing nicely then it is possible that you aren’t spraying enough material onto the product, or you should thin the material a little to help with the flow & leveling. HINT: Make sure that the material that you are spraying & the pieces that you are spraying onto are warm, this will help a lot.

When you’re done spraying it is so easy to clean out the spraying system by just running water through till all the coating is flushed out.

If you aren’t comfortable with spraying waterbase finish, we suggest you test spray some sample pieces of wood before spraying the final product.

Does it dry fast?

If applied properly (such as the correct Wet Mil Thickness which should be at 3-4), it will be ready to handle within 1 hour (with proper air movement) and ready to sand within 2-3 hours of the time it was sprayed. This allows packing by the next day.

HINT: To have it dry faster, have air flowing across the piece you just sprayed, however be sure the air moving across the finish is free from dirt. Debris can destroy the beautiful, smooth finish you imagined.

How durable is it?

When using Renner YL.M643 2K white primer, (adding 5% YC.1400 hardener), 2 coats of this primer & 1 or 2 topcoats of YOxx.1321.02 topcoat, you will have a superior quality & very durable finish. We also have the Mono Bi Component 851 Self seal in white or clear with 5% YC.1400 hardener is also a very durable finish.

Renner Waterbase Finishing Products have proven very successful for us and we’re big fans. Our customers are too. Since we’ve added it to our inventory we can hardly keep it in stock.

Have more questions? We’d love to help you with your projects. Contact us here.

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