Backup pads play a major role in any sanding process. This is why SurfPrep offers a quality line with a variety of densities, backings, and shapes. When a backup begins the wear down and lose its edge, make sure to replace it and the quality of work will be much greater.

Hook & Loop

hook and loop

Original Hook & Loop Backup Pads are excellent for ‘quick release’ of SurfPrep Foam

J-Hook & Loop

j hook and loop

The J-Hook is a longer hook design that works well with SurfPrep Interface Pads, Film, Paper & Non-Woven Discs/Pads.


SurfPrep 3″ Backup Pad Hook & Loop

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)
(Sticky)backed abrasives for flat sanding.

Soft Flex Edge

SurfPrep 3″ Backup Pad Hook & Loop

Soft Flexible Edge Pad allows relief for sanding profiled surface areas.

Radius Cover


Allows Film/Paper/Foam Discs to wrap and conform in order to prep-sand difficult cove profiles easily.

Panel Profiles (click to expand)

Inner Edge profiles (click to expand)

Outer Edge profiles (click to expand)