BEST Customer service !

Have to give a shout out to Harvey Zook and Timberlane Finish Solutions.
I’m never going to be their biggest or best customer, I don’t knock out a kitchen a week and order gallon after gallon of products. Quite the opposite, I make obnoxious orders, quarts that they have to color match to several different colors. But I still get THE BEST customer service. Renner products can be a bit confusing. I knew I wanted to use their water based spray stain on my dining table, but had no idea how to order or what color, so I sent Harvey an SOS message begging for help. He called me. Even though his phone rings 70 times a day, he took the time to call and answer my questions to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and needed. He also color matched the stain to a Minwax color since that is what I’m most familiar with. I’m a happy happy customer.

Heather Larsen

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