Excellent vendor service

Am a serious amateur “shop worker”. Recently took delivery of the Apollo VS-5 with gun. Have not had opportunity to use yet but am confident I will like it a LOT and welcomed departure from compressed air HVLP painting.

My review is about the vendor; Timberlane Finishes. I would give Timberline a Gold medal if I could, A ten out of ten. My experience from my first call to delivery was just excellent, professional and helpful.

They went out of their way to accommodate a small concern I had on the gravity gun tip size. Top management, owner I think, personally took care of me knowing I am small potatoes. The entire transaction has handled in a professional, caring manner.

The immediately shipped and days later the Apollo was delivered. As painless as an Amazon delivery of vitamins. Speaking of which, I always choose independent vendors such as Timberline so as to support smaller than “big-online” businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

Santiago Rodriguez

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