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The SurfPrep 5" Electric Ray Sanding System has “brought the fun” back into sanding. When one thinks about sanding, they usually don’t think “fun”… however, SurfPrep has reduced and eliminated what has always been a sanding department’s most mundane, boring, time-consuming task.

Although sanding and preparing a surface is a critical step, doing so with SurfPrep makes for a better overall quality finish. SurfPrep has fine-tuned its variety of sanding systems by adding new products to the kits.

During thousands of technical visits to woodworking manufacturers in North America, our team discovered areas in production that would benefit with a larger variety of foam abrasives and accessories. These products are minimizing physical effort and discomfort which maximizes efficiency in production lines from beginning to end; white wood to stain.

Each kit includes:

Includes the following:
Part # SPES5HL332 – SurfPrep 5" Electric Ray 3/32" Random Orbital Sander / 4,000, 7,000, 9,000 & 10,000 RPM (Hook & Loop Backup Pad). Not Vacuum Compatible

Part # SPVPFOAM5- 5" Foam Variety Pack
Includes the following – 2 each of SurfPrep’s most popular grits:
(2) SPDF55R060: Medium. 5mm. 120-150 Scratch
(2) SPDF55R100: Fine. 5mm. 220-240 Scratch
(2) SPDF55R150: Very Fine. 5mm. 280-380 Scratch
(2) SPDF55R220: Super Fine. 5mm. 450-600 Scratch
(2) SPDF5HR060: Medium. 1/2". 120-150 Scratch
(2) SPDF5HR100: Fine. 1/2". 220-240 Scratch
(2) SPDF5HR150: Very Fine. 1/2". 280-380 Scratch
(2) SPDF5HR220: Super Fine +. 1/2". 450-600 Scratch

Part # SPVPPAPER5 – 5" Paper Variety Pack
Includes the following – 5 of each grit:
(5) SP5HLLPB080: 80 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB100: 100 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB120: 120 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB150: 150 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB180: 180 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB220: 220 grit
(5) SP5HLLPB320: 320 grit

Part # SPVPFILM5- 5" Film Variety Pack
Includes the following – 5 of each grit:
(5) SP5HLF080: 80 grit
(5) SP5HLF100: 100 grit
(5) SP5HLF120: 120 grit
(5) SP5HLF150: 150 grit
(5) SP5HLF180: 180 grit
(5) SP5HLF220: 220 grit
(5) SP5HLF320: 320 grit

Part # SPPS5 – SurfPrep 5" Pad Saver

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